A media statement issued by the Namibia Football Association (NFA)’s FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee indicates that the close to three years conflict between the NFA and the Namibia Premier League (NPL) has been resolved, and that football in Namibia will start soon.

The statement has placed the blame on the NFA for having taken an unlawful decision to expel the NPL as a member of NFA and ban the leadership of NPL from participating in football activities.

“The Normalisation Committee [NC] was appointed on 30th March 2022 with a broad mandate to regularise the challenges existing in the sport in Namibia,” NFA’s Normalisation Committee Chairperson Mr Bisey /Uirab said in the statement.

“In the spirit of reconciling various factions and normalising the game, the NC has spent the last few months consulting with various stakeholders, informing all parties including the Namibian public at large.

“During this time, we have had regard to various documentation and processes entered into in the past, with the view to obtain better clarity and confirm the correctness of procedures. As background, on the 22 February 2020, the 28th Ordinary Elective Congress expelled Namibia Premier League [NPL] as a member of the NFA.

“On 18th July 2020, the NFA held its 16th Extraordinary Congress at the Palm Hotel in Windhoek. This Congress, duly constituted by at least 50% of its members and through a 3/4 majority vote in favour of the expulsions, decided to expel and ban from the activities of the NFA, the executive committee members of the NPL i.e. the Officials of the league.

“Upon thorough review of the NFA Statutes, the relevant provisions cited, on the basis of which the expulsion and banning from activities of the individual members were decided, it is evident that there was no legal basis for the “expulsion” of these executives, who were at the time not members of the NFA or members of a member as contemplated by article 15.

“It is unfortunate that errors of interpretation or misunderstandings led to the issuance of these individual expulsion letters.

“The NC also extensively engaged with FIFA on the matter and can confirm that both the NC and FIFA hold the view that the decision to expel and ban these individual members without any legal basis for such decisions to be taken, render these decisions null and void ab initio, i.e. from the beginning.

“Consequently, the NC hereby confirms that the individual members of the former NPL are in fact in good standing with the NFA and, subject to complying with all rules, regulations of the NFA, are open to participate in NFA activities.

“Further to the above, it is our immense pleasure to inform our members that the NFA has successfully secured a sponsorship for the top tier men’s league and the women youth league for the 2022/2023 football season. We are still in the process of finalizing other sponsors.

“As a passionate and dedicated sponsor, our partner has set forth various conditions applicable to this generous sponsor. We hereby inform our members that, amongst the conditions imposed by and attached to our sponsor is that:

“• Any disputes within the football fraternity are resolved.

“• All clubs and members work closely together to protect the image of football and that of the sponsor and thereby zealously avoid any conduct which will bring the name of the sponsors into disrepute.

“We are thus pleased to inform our members that we can now fully comply with conditions imposed by our sponsor. In this way we have collectively brought back the beautiful game of football to our nation thereby empowering our footballers and the nation at large,” said Mr. /Uirab.

In the photo: NFA’s Normalisation Committee Chairperson Mr Bisey /Uirab.