Why Queen Elizabeth II was a bloody monarch

By Shivute Kaapanda [Think Tank Africa]

Following the recent death of the notorious English demi-God also known as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, better known as Queen Elizabeth II of England, world leaders including some African leaders came out strongly with pouring messages of condolences to the family and to Britain as a country for the great loss of their traditional English ceremonial leader who passed on at the age of 90 after ruling England for about 70 years as a Queen of England and the head of Church of England.

She was a head of the English precisely because she was a monarch as a Queen of England.

What seems to be obvious is that the only thing that African leaders flocked out in the form of messages of condolences and requests to attend the Queen’s funeral was necessarily an element second to that of humanity. Of course it is the magnetic power from its colonial institutions forcing African leaders as gatekeepers of colonial culture to exhibit fear in the form of messages of condolences to their former colonialist gods.

As American public intellectual Paul Krugman would write… “politics determine who has the power, not who has the truth” speaks volumes as to why African leaders who factually and historically knows the brutal nature of the late Queen Kasape II and her British subjects to Africa in particular but continue to massage the emotions of the British by pouring out condolences in numbers as if an angel from heaven has died mysteriously and that the world would come to its mysterious end, only for them to be seen being squeezed in public busses as if they were some unknown labourers boarding Emangweni buses from Okuryangava location to go work in Hochland Park, shame on African leaders.

They have accepted to be treated like empty-headed headmen of African villages who are only counted as leaders when somebody dies in a village.

Salute to the few progressive forces such as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) that openly distanced themselves from mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II by fearlessly pointing out to the dark history of the continent of Africa by the British Empire.

The late Queen Elizabeth II has presided over the bloody colonialism of Africa by Britain, her hands are full of blood of innocent Africans including the slaves that worked in the plantations providing free labour which led to the development of cities such as Manchester.

“We do not mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, because to us her death is a reminder of a very tragic period in Africa’s history,” says EFF.

“From 1811 when Sir John Cradock declared war against amaXhosa in the Zuurveld in what is now known as Eastern Cape up until 1906 when the British crushed the Bambatha rebellion, our interaction with Britain under the leadership of the British royal family has been of the pain and suffering, of death and dispossession and of dehumanization of African people.

We remember how Nxele died in the aftermath of the fifth frontier war, how King Hintsa was killed like a dog on the 11 of May 1835 during the 6th frontier war, and had his body mutilated and his head taken to Britain as a trophy. It was also the British royal family that sanctioned the actions of John Cecil Rhodes who plundered South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

It was the British royal family that benefited from the brutal mutilation of the people of Kenya whose valiant resistance to British colonialism invited vile responses from Britain.

In Kenya Britain built concentration camps and suppressed with such inhuman brutality the Mau Mau rebellion, killing Dedan Kimathi on the 18th of February 1957 while Elizabeth was already a queen.

Elizabeth never acknowledges these crimes during her lifetime and her royal family, in fact she was a proud flag bearer of these atrocities because during her reign when the people of Yemen rose to protest against British colonialism in 1963, Queen Elizabeth II ordered a brutal suppression of that uprising,” the EFF wrote in a statement.

If African leaders in their ignorance fail to grasp such a historical fact and continue to massage the emotions of the British who castrated African kings like dogs, Africa will never be liberated.

In the light of the above historical facts May the soul of Queen Elizabeth II burn in eternal hell forever.

– Shivute Kaapanda is an African fearless Activist writer and author of a book titled “The Conscious Republic”. He can be reached at: iskaapanda@gmail.com