By Victor Angula |

Golf is that sport which is associated with high class, aloof and well-to-do people. So that it’s administered in a smooth, secretive but impressive manner.

Although Namibia’s golf is still in the developing phase, it is also going along the international, exclusive and secretive model – always avoiding newspaper headlines whether for “below par” or “over par” performance.

But someone, who is a follower of the Namibian junior golf and also a parent of a junior golfer, chose to swim against the golf culture of secrecy.

The person is very concerned about the fact that junior golf is being run in an unprofessional manner, and maladministration is actually the order of the day, not to mention racism and favouritism.

Although the person has made several serious allegations levelled at the administrators of Namibian Junior Golf Foundation, the Foundation wouldn’t come clean and attempt to provide its side of the story.

The person says that Junior Golf is run by a committee made up of “mainly 2 persons and they control the funds received from overseas”.

And that these two people “are changing the goal posts and the rules at will when the white juniors don’t make it for the national team, or would use funds meant for children from disadvantaged backgrounds for other purposes”.

Further, “the current committee members want to change the rules to allow the boys to play two rounds equalling to 36 holes on one day.” According to the concerned person, this is not fair, and it’s not done internationally.

Another serious allegation is that according to the current “merit list” as it stands Namibia has only four boys who qualify to make it to the “national team”: Kyle Johnson, Nelson Johannes, Wensley Haseb and Xavier Schreuder.

Yet the parents of two other golfers who have not qualified to make it to the “national team” are up in arms and are demanding that the members of the committee (JP Schmidt and Jacky Coetzee) call for a Special General Meeting early in November, where the rules will be changed in an effort to have their children qualify for the national team.

The concerned golf lover also states that there is racism at play in junior golf. “Children with talent and love for the game just that they are unable financially” are sidelined, and “these two ladies (who control junior golf) are going so far as to fight any form of sponsorship for previously disadvantaged persons.”

Despite the seriousness of the allegation, Ms Jacky Coetzee, a member of the Namibian Junior Golf Foundation (NJGF)’s management committee, just responded to these allegations by stating that:

“NJGF was run by a committee of 3 people and an advisor since the previous AGM a few months ago.

“The advisor is not allowed to be an official member because it is against the constitution.

“Our President resigned effective immediately which means that the committee now only has 2 members and decisions and votes can no longer take place.

“The Golf Clubs in Namibia are the members of the NJGF and this matter has been handed over to them to find a resolution which is fair and insures that Namibian Junior Golf is left in good hands.”

When asked to provide more answers, especially concerning the racism and favouritism at NJGF, Coetzee responded again by trying to explain that JP Schmidt and herself don’t really run all the affairs of junior golf:

“No, the affairs of junior golf are being taken care of by the Namibian Golf Clubs; a representative from each golf club that has registered juniors will have a vote. Since there are only two members left we cannot make any decisions and have called for the clubs to please vote in a new committee.

“Your source is welcome to ask their club representative for more information.”

Thus Coetzee would not attempt to provide a response to the allegations concerning favouritism, racism and general unprofessionalism in the Namibian Junior Golf Federation.

In the photo: Some of Namibia’s talented young golfers.