Once there is peace within our hearts, there cannot be humiliation.

This is the message in the song “Oshili oshi li peni?” by Heita ‘Color’ Paulus of Ongwediva Youth Band.

Paulus sung his song with Patrick Shikesho at the National Men’s Conference in Ongwediva.

“If I have a river in my house, and you come to fish in my river without my agreement, but then you come to sell the fish to me at a price I can’t afford, that is the beginning of humiliation.

“And where there is humiliation, there cannot be peace and love but only depression,” Paulus explains the meaning of his song.

Paulus also states that the song has a deeper message. “From among our politicians, they are always telling lies to mask their corruption, instead of telling people about peace to one and all, which is a violation of humanity and victimisation, forcing our population into deeper depression.

“And so we don’t feel peace and love as citizens. But roots and culture best be a dedication. Every culture carries love, peace and unity from ancient times. Only then we will have true cooperation.”

Shikesho also delivered a song titled ‘Okanona ihaka tala meshisha’.

In the photo: Heita Paulus and Patrick Shikesho.