We’re ready to continue serving Oshakati

By Leonard Hango|

It’s with great humility that I once again accept the privilege to be the lead public servant to the people of Oshakati for the third term.

I once again duly accept the task accorded to me to deliver on the mandate of the town of Oshakati.

It’s also befitting that I start by congratulating my fellow Honourable Councillors who have once again taken up their portfolios and vowed to continue being the servants of this town. Our town is stronger because of your visionary leadership, and I’m looking forward that we continue with this good working relationship.

Allow me to mention that today signified unlimited potential for us as “political office bearers” to realise the opportunity presented to us by the people of this town. It’s upon us to ensure that we tackle any factor that hinders the service delivery in our town.

There is no doubt that myself and fellow newly re-elected political leadership are ready to continue serving the people of Oshakati.

Sound and responsible policy formulation is key for every institution’s development necessary to realise proper implementation of their intended plans.

I would like to highlight key policy formulation and implementation we have embarked up when we took office to date:

  1. We have developed the Five-year Council’s Strategic Plan 2022/2027, approved and launched; Council has now commenced with the implementation of the Performance Management System (PMS) – that will allow us to monitor and evaluate institutional performance quarterly.
  2. We have also reviewed and approved Council’s Organisational Structure and aligned it to the Council’s strategic plan.
  3. Following the above arrangement, the Grading and Remuneration Committee has been constituted by Council and functional.
  4. We have also amended the Land Allocation Policy in March 2021 and a new Land Committee was appointed and it’s now functional.
  5. We have developed the Street Naming Committee that is comprised of the representatives from our two traditional Authorities of Oukwanyama and Uukwambi, the Veterans of the liberation struggle, our business community and members of the public.
  6. The Cemetery Regulations which will be used to regulate and administer the cemeteries within the local authority of Oshakati was approved by Council and submitted for gazetting.
  7. Dog Regulation was approved by Council and gazetted.
  8. Local Disaster Risk Management Committee was constituted by Council and it’s now functional.
  9. We have established the Mayoral Development Fund, with the main aim of providing assistance to vulnerable families, individuals, organisations, and emerging SMEs within the Jurisdiction of Oshakati in the form of Council’s social responsibility.

To date we have convened 30 public meetings in different localities in our town, the aim is to gather necessary views of our residents and be able to develop responsible policies necessary to counter challenges that are faced by our people.

We have managed to relocate and formalise 5 of our informal settlements, i.e. Sky Location, Oshimbangu, Kalaula, Ompumbu and now Oshoopala which is yet to complete.

We have allocated 100 residential erven and loans towards Build Together Programme for their beneficiaries, who will be mainly ultra-low income earners.

The construction of the Oshakati Fire Station/fire brigade has officially kicked off.

The Caribbean recreational facility has officially been inaugurated.

Council has further continued with phase 2 of the construction of the Oshakati dump site which has now been upgraded to a landfill site.

The project of servicing more than 350 residential plots in Ehenye extension 11 and 12 has successfully been implemented and is nearing completion.

The upgrading of roads infrastructure through the “Oshakati roads re-gravelling project”, mainly old roads in town, has officially commenced and this is very much visible in all parts of the town as it’s currently ongoing.

Renewal of twinning agreements with City of Windhoek is completed.

We have employed 18 new permanent employees of Council to contribute to the developmental plans of Oshakati.

My vision and priorities as the re-appointed Mayor, it is my sincere hope and vision to take Oshakati to greater heights, and make Oshakati a town of opportunities, where anyone from any background can realise their potential and enjoy quality standard of living and truly make “Oshakati, the Commercial Centre of the North”!

Lastly, I look forward to work together with all residents of this town to realise this dream of building a better Oshakati.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all my senior citizens to join us in a small end-year celebration.

– Mr. Leonard Hango is Mayor of Oshakati and Chairperson of Oshakati Town Council. This was the speech he delivered on 18 November 2022 after being re-elected at the Council Chamber where Magistrate Elvis Mwilima Mwilima was presiding.