Mornings are gifts from God

By Josefina Gabriel |

The most wonderful thing in life is when you wake up again in the morning of what is sure to be another shining life of sunrise and sunshine.

Although we don’t always appreciate it, this is the gift, a big gift and special one, in all that God grants to us for free.

So this is the way of God telling you that you have again one day of his grace to live it to the best of your ability. It is just a miracle because it’s another way of making a change for the better where necessary.

Live life, make a difference, inspire a soul, encourage a mind and try again.

Get up early the morning and pay thanks to your God for making this day for you, a good opportunity to make changes and do better than yesterday.

However you need to ask him for forgiveness, ask him for his guidance, for his wisdom and blessings, and ask him for strength to make it through the day and until tomorrow with a smile on your face.

He can surely bring peace to that confused mind, joy to that sad face, and hope to that weary heart one day, just one day at a time.

All you just need then is to satisfy your soul with his presence. And you need silence, for him to be able to touch your soul because he cannot be found in a restless place. All he made was made in order and in tranquility; look at his nature, the trees, flowers, and grass, they grow in silence.

The stars, the moon and sun, they move in silence.

Be that person who lives a life of silence too and you will see his wonders.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author of the book “Listen to your heart” published in 2022.