You can avoid stress

By Josefina Gabriel /

In the fast world we live today, where time is of the essence and productivity is essential for our survival, time to time we live a life of problems day to day instead of living a life of peace.

This is because we are always trying to catch up with the running time, to compete with other productive people, and to do more than what we did yesterday.

And in the course of days what we get is stress.

Stress means that things are not going well for you until your peace is gone, and until your nights become sleepless nights.

It’s normal and it’s life. Everyone feels stressed and overwhelmed at one point or another of their adulthood life.

It’s okay to stress. It’s okay to worry about your progress in a world where your value is judged according to your progress and achievements.

But stress can easily overcome someone, and that’s not okay.

Mostly people become overwhelmingly stressed because of failures, poverty, lack of understand and misunderstanding with family, friends, colleagues, mates or other personal issues.

You can sometimes say life is not fair when things are happening which are out of your control or too hard to control but such things are affecting your progress or peace of mind. So there you have stress written all over your face.

And with stress written all over your face, things become even more hard to control and everything start to fall to pieces. Instead of having peace of mind you start to have a mind which is in pieces. That is depression.

But how can you avoid stress? How to avoid it or to stop it from developing into depression?

The greatest weapon against stress is your ability to choose one thought over another. Think thoughts of success (future success) instead of thoughts of failure.

When you’re in a situation that is stressful you must learn to have plan B since plan A failed. Have faith in yourself and trust your tomorrow. Breathing is the power behind all things – take long breaths for several minutes, it will surely work.

Ignore some obstacles, and taking it easy always by adopting the right attitude, this approach will easily convert the negative stress to a positive one.

Yes you can do it, just try it.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author of the book “Listen to your heart” published in 2022. She can be reached at: