We need each other

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel|

Someone you hate will help you one day. And someone you consider as ordinary will do something extraordinary for you.

In the world we live today, your enemy can become your friend just as your friend can become your enemy.

People are just people; they change for good or for bad depending on the environment. Good environments make people to be good to others, while bad environments make people to be bad at each other.

People can hate each other for reasons only known to them; but people need each other.  Nobody is complete by themself. We all need one another.

This is why it’s important to love people, to help everyone and to be a friend of anyone.

Pray for your enemies as much as you pray for your friends because one day your enemies will become your friends.

Instead of stressing yourself because the people don’t like you, you must wish them well because one day they will need you.