Beware of the wolves

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

We always meet new and different people. Some people come in our lives for a short moment, but others may stay longer.

Some of the people we meet might even stay in our lives permanently.

These people who come in your life come to build you. But there are also those who come there to destroy you.

These are two categories of people who might act the same way and you may not see and make out which ones are the honest ones and which are the fake ones if you don’t consider it carefully.

Now who are those who may be referred to as wolves? These are people who seem to be sweet to you but they come into your life to bring all failures to you.

Wolves on some occasions can also come straight out without pretending. But most of the time they come pretending to be good to you or they want to give you all the support you need. These kinds of people like to be sweet in the beginning, but they are faking all about themselves.

You might believe that they are good friends. But in reality they are fake friends.

You always become the victim of their evil because you like good things, and you seem to be impressed by people more than by God. It’s easy to accept their words, but we supposed to listen very well and meditate first before actions.

This will teach you to choose your friends carefully. Learn people’s characters and learn to identify who is the best to go along with you in times of need.

There is a statement that says “beware of wolves in the skin of the sheep”. This can warn you to open your eyes to see very carefully because people can come in that form. They can easily transform themselves into good shapes and make you believe them and trust them.

If you happen to meet such people better to distance yourself from them; don’t be too fast to make friends, be careful who will you go along with in a relationship, and don’t make them your second priority.

If you make yourself a friend with a wolf, one day it will bite you. And then you will think that all people are bad.

We are all physically the same people, but inside we might not be the same; therefore beware.