How can we do the impossible?

By Josefina Gabriel |

In life everyone has a target to reach and some have dreams to fulfill in one way or another as achievements towards our destinies.

Some times our targets and dreams are big, other times they are small. And so we constantly hear the encouraging words by someone saying that nothing is impossible to achieve. That all things are possible to do. The assurance that it’s possible to do the impossible things.

But the question is how can we do the impossible? What are the tools necessary in doing what may appear to be an impossible mission?

By doing what is necessary and by doing what is possible suddenly you can do the impossible in your life. When you even start thinking it’s impossible because you’re struggling and trying hard, you can’t possibly see that it has all possibilities written with a silver lining.

And so you need to follow the principles of self-discipline, time management, learning more and having more faith. You can walk by faith and through faith you do necessary things by being committed, working and trying again. These are just good things to practice and very enjoyable in life.

You can do impossible things when you’re honest to people and to yourself, the ability to be self-disciplined and overcome your negativities and fear by carrying your value too. This can be from an internalized discovery about you, and by generating vision, produce conviction and find a purpose or the necessity of doing the impossible.

And then having God on your side by doing his will and praying for more strength and clarity in your mission, you can soon enough testify that really with God nothing is impossible.

You weren’t meant to live a life and die; you were born to accomplish something specifically. And that can be done by you when you’re brave and believe in yourself and in the possibility of the impossible.

Take chances; find the way through unseen ways so that you cannot waste your dreams at any chance.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author of the book “Listen to your heart” published in 2022. She can be reached at

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