Yes of course

By Josefina Gabriel |

Sometimes life can show you something, something which you can clearly see that it’s very complicated and tough to find answers for. But then as you try to find the answers, suddenly life changes the questions.

With faith and hope which we carry every day we get saved from giving up, saved from negativities, doubting, fear and worries. Surely with hope and faith in yourself you can do better but with God you can do the best.

Of course yes, those dead bones will come to life; with faith in God all things become possible. Of course yes the story of those two women in the Bible whereby King Solomon had to use wisdom to find out whose child was alive, that story can give you faith in finding answers to every life situation. And the real mother said ‘I know my child is alive’ because she was very sure and felt it that the baby was alive.

The situation you have today might be serious but it’s not permanent. Where God’s power is at work nothing is dead that can’t come back to life; even dried bones can come to life and become flesh and fresh.

Now what are those dead bones in your life? It’s your dreams, aspirations and visions of a better life which have died. You can tell those visions to become alive, and of course yes they will.

Broken life, poverty, sickness, delays, rejection, failures, and generational curses will never stay alive in your life because they are a product of the devil; but whatever the devil stole in your life it will be alive based on your faith and prayer.

Life can give you lemons but I know you can change that to lemonade.

Every sunset is an opportunity to reset, nothing is predestined.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author of the book “Listen to your heart” published in 2022.