Focus on your own race

By Josefina ‘Ndeshi’ Gabriel   /

Everybody has a race to run in his or her life. Ever since the day we were born, that’s when our race began and we have to run until our days are out.

As individual people we all have different goals that we want to achieve; and this is the reason we are in the race every day.

As human beings, our first priority is to run to the salvation which can make us get eternal life. This is the most important goal of all the many goals we have to go for in our race of life. Everyone has to decide and choose which way they will run by following Jesus Christ.

Then there are many other goals we want to reach and accomplish with our time on this earth. So that life on earth seems to be just about running and running.

And we are running as much and as fast as we can to reach our destiny. It doesn’t matter how far it is, or for how long it might take, let us just focus on our race because it’s the only way to our destiny.

But he said “seek first my kingdom and all shall be given to you for free.” So God has a lot for us if we believe in him. He will help us get to our goals and make us run a good race if we trust him. We just have to run our own race in faith.

We have to run with our eyes looking ahead to Jesus Christ, not on people. People might confuse us, and make us think that they are running their race faster than us. They could also discourage us, making us believe that we are not worthy of our race.

Yes there are hills, mountains, dunes, rocks, thorns, wilderness and darkness all along the way as we run. But your faith, your strength and endurance can destroy them down under your feet and get you to pass through it all.

Sometimes you will fall. But you always have to pick yourself up and keep on running.

Falling down can give you the second chance to try harder and make a go at it again. We might have fallen or failed many times and in different ways, and we might have been hurt, bruised and wounded again and again.

But those wounds can be healed again through faith. Let us keep on running, because the prize is ahead. Don’t look back with discouragement but continue running ahead with confidence and God will give you strength, wisdom and prepare your way for a good race.

Don’t look at other people. Everyone has their own race to run. Focus on your own race until you win.