Close to 350 residents of Ohangwena region held a mass prayer seeking for an end to the violence, abortions, homosexuality and other social ills which continue to affect the region.

The Ohangwena Regional Prayer Day took place on 1 April 2023 at Eenhana where believers from various church denominations across the region gathered under one roof and were united in prayer to seek for divine intervention.

Ohangwena is known to be one of the worst regions where gender-based violence is concerned.

After the pastors and leaders of various denominations in attendance entered the Eenhana Convention hall with lit candles, a moment of silence was observed to pay homage to countless residents of Ohangwena who lost their lives this year as a result of violent crimes, incurable illnesses, suicides, as well as abortions.

Reverend Jeremia Kashululu, who is the chairperson of the regional prayer day organising committee made introductory remarks about the origins and importance of the prayer day.

Then Reverend Johanna Namwoonde and Reverend Ruusa Nembungu led the congregants in a short service, followed by preaching by Pastor Jesaya Shatyohamba and Reverend Kaino Tuyenikelao Shinana Lwenya.

Then it was the moment for prayers.

Reverend Johanna Namwoonde led the prayer seeking to find an end to road accidents and unnatural deaths; Reverend Petrus Ndemuweda Kashilinge led the prayer seeking for an end to gender based violence and killings; Pastor Hafeni Salomo led the prayer against abortions; Pastor John Heita led the prayer against homosexuality, drug abuse and witchcraft.

Reverend Ruusa Nembungu led the prayer on incurable illnesses such as cancer, stroke, Covid-19, etc.; Ms Veronika Natanael led the prayer on Christians who keep on backsliding, and lukewarm faith; Pastor Selma Nghiitombo led the prayer on divorces and lack of counselling services in the region; Ms Liina Nepela led the prayer on little rain, hunger and high unemployment.

After that the various pastors prayed for individual people who needed to be prayed for and be delivered from spiritual afflictions, illnesses and those seeking for God’s intervention in their lives.

Apart from the prayers and preaching by various men and women of God, the gathered believers, most of whom were dressed in red, also sung from hymn books of several churches, signifying the unity of the occasion.

Pastor Linea N.N. Haimbodi and Reverend Onesmus Angula were the directors of the prayer day’s proceedings.

In the photo: Pastor Selma Nghiitombo leading the prayer on high divorce rates in Ohangwena.