The year that was

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

In life we have different times and different seasons, and also different years. And so last year was the year that was different; one of those different years, a year with different things.

In the year 2020 different things had happened, good and bad. All happened according to God’s will. Despite everything, we thank God that till today he is with us.

I can say that 2020 was a year of challenges that can make you strong and wiser. Spiritually, mentally and physically some strength was added to you by the challenges and experiences of the year.

Specifically money was a challenge due to what was happening, especially the lockdowns, businesses were closed or operating only for few hours, some people also lost their jobs or their salaries were cut and this damaged us economically.

But through that we learned that saving money is important; we have to save money so that next time we may not suffer when our income get reduced by circumstances which are out of our control.

Staying home was a bit tough but this gave you a good chance to share love, caring, duties and responsibilities and also provide enough time to stay with families. Normally most people after work or school they always go out, but this year taught people to stay home.

There was a time when churches were closed, or very limited numbers of people were allowed to attend church; and this taught us that praying and worshiping God inside our houses was also necessary.

Accepting of regulations and obeying the government was difficult for some, but it taught all of us to be committed.

This tells us that this 2020 year was a year of challenges and growth and it was very nice and important for us to become strong and learn to accept things that may come unexpectedly in life.

Remember that everything comes in your life for a good purpose. God knows everything and you don’t need to worry about what is happening; all you have to do is to focus and plan on the way ahead from that situation.

So stay strong, stay focused and watch out for the year 2021 because we don’t know if the challenges of the outgoing year will continue or this new year will be different in a positive way. Just be brave and positive and plan something nice and better for yourself.

I am wishing you a blessed and happy new year.