Never bite the hand that feeds you

By Elina-Ombili Shishaki |

The activity of giving birth to children and taking a good care of them can be the toughest and most frustrating thing to do.

It requires commitment for one to raise a child by taking care of it and feeding it daily until the child has grown into a young adult ready to fend for him or herself in this world.

But it’s more painful for parents who suffer at the hands of irresponsible children; those children who bite the hand that has been feeding them all along.

Due to foreign influence, lots of children in our communities have no respect for their parents. Parents and guardians are shedding tears all days and nights because all of their efforts to make their children become better men and women have proven futile.

Most parents are good caregivers who teach their children to have strong moral values and be exemplary to those around them.

They work tirelessly to make ends meet and sacrifice their own comfort to take their children through school so that the children will have a better life; only to realize later that they have been flogging a dead horse.

When the children start to earn their own living and so they make money to be the centre of all attentions, such children turn a blind eye to their parents and grandparents who had been feeding them and who paid their school fees.

What is the use of buying the latest car, renting a luxurious flat and eating at five star hotels while you left your caregiver to suffer?

But when they confront us we get furious instead of rectifying our mistakes. We accuse them of trying to control our lives.

It is every parent’s dream to have caring and supportive children during his or her retirement. But if this dream is shuttered he or she is left with a deep wound bleeding in their heart.

Our parents are silenced by our actions. They are afraid to lose us if they question our intentions.

Sometimes we think our luck is being snatched away somehow without realizing that the root cause of the problem is within ourselves.

It doesn’t matter who the key player in your upbringing is, just let your caregiver enjoy the fruits of their hardwork and commitments which they invested in you.

If you’re still young and you depend on your parents or guardian, then never bite the hand that feeds you because you never know what life holds for you.

– Elina-Ombili Shishaki is a blogger and community writer.