What are we giving?

By Josefina Gabriel /

It is automatic that life can be made out of what is given, and people in life make a living by what they are getting. And giving it away to others comes from getting it from others all the way because you can’t give what you don’t have.

My concern is that our new generation is living with empty hands, why? Because elders are failing to give what they are supposed to give, giving from what they got from their elders too, or they didn’t get anything?

I have big concerns for the future generation. Our elders inherited the earth from the people who were in front of them, and we will do the same and then we pass it on to the next generation.

But I don’t think our elders have done a great job with their responsibility to leave the earth a better place than what they were born into.

Nobody came on earth with empty hands; you came with some contributions to make to the generation that is after you. You came with a gift for the next generation.

Meaning elders are not giving what is right. Today kids are growing up teaching themselves and leading themselves. Otherwise the selfish parent will let it be because of love, but I consider that as a fake love because it lets the kid into wrong paths.

Today we have many people raised in a very simple way and that’s why things seem upside down, cell phones and computers are now raising kids. No book, not people teaching them anymore.

And today some elders are bad example givers to young generations.

Each generation will reap what the former generation has sown. So let’s be good sowers to the generation next.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author. Her first book “Listen to your heart” was published in 2022.