Protect what you have

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

We have many things that need to be protected and saved for tomorrow in life; as we were yesterday and we live today for tomorrow, so all is and shall be if we continue handling well but not misusing or letting someone to destroy those things.

The things we have are many, and they can be the invisible ones that we can feel, and also visible ones that we can see in our lives, which is why we are responsible, caring, curious and watchful every time.

Usually people are watchful and careful and always try to protect their money, their phones, their cars, and other physical possessions.

But do you know that you have more and more important things in life which you need to protect?

You have yourself, you have pride, dignity, health, better life, faith, strength, talent, wisdom, quality, smartness, school, work, family, friends, husband, wife, children, colleagues, mates and all the stuff which tend to be yours and no one has the right to take any of them away from you unless you decided so yourself.

Faith is the first and most important thing to have above all; and it works with trust. You need to have trust in yourself as much as in your Creator. And if you consider it, you will find out that no one has any say or any ability to stop you from having faith and the trust that comes with it.

Protection of yourself is very much needed too; you need to protect your identity, your personality and the quality of your life instead of changing to be someone else because you despise yourself. You got to know yourself and to have confidence in yourself in everything, everywhere and every day no matter the changing weather.

We are not the same and we will never be the same simply because each one of us is an original. The better you know this, the better you can be to save yourself from becoming a copy of someone else.

Avoid mingling with people who want to steal your happiness, health, wisdom, and uniqueness because such people are meant to destroy whatever good thing you have.

The devil only comes to destroy, steal and kill, so be careful and protect what you have.