The Face of Roman-Dutch Law on Homosexuality

By Shivute Kaapanda [Think Tank Africa]

On 16 November 2018 the New Era newspaper published an opinion piece which I wrote titled “The devil face of Christianity and Roman-Dutch law on Olufuko”.

In this piece I argued on the moral relativity of the Roman-Dutch law and Christianity specifically on the Olufuko practice, a marriage practice of Aawambo, but more broadly on many other African traditional values, creeds and norms.

The metaphorical phrase “Devil face” was then used to show how foreign legal systems came to cripple and undermine the original laws in Africa especially with regard to how societies operate, the foundation of legal validity as well as the context of moral relativity from culture to culture, religion to religion as well as from one legal system to another.

The article urges the African youth to decolonize their minds whenever possible so that one day Africa will be independent of itself and more so intellectually self-sufficient, a dream that many sections of the world societies despise.

I am not puzzled, and anyone who follows and understand the mondus operandi and the state of affairs of the Roman-Dutch law in post-independent Namibia especially regarding the recent Supreme Court ruling on the recognition of homosexual marriages in Namibia or the so-called Digashu judgement will not be puzzled because the secret agenda of the west has always been to westernize, depopulate and create immorality in African countries under the banner of human rights, justice, civilization through the Roman-Dutch law culture.

Even Christianity in Africa came under the banner of civilization that people were given new names which literally didn’t belong to or have roots in the African culture or language but rather carries the language and traditions of the Europeans.

Look at how proud Africans are to be Christians today, look at how staunch and how strong the faith Africans have on the Roman-Dutch law.

We Africans have literally become self-governing with the governing systems which we imported; we have imported religion, culture and politics and become a shame of the century to ourselves and the world.

In many if not all African indigenous cultures and traditions homosexuality is the most unpleasant social practice which should be discouraged by all means necessary for social stability, biological and human genetic continuity and moral prosperity.

In Africa homosexuality enjoys no preference compared to heterosexual unions.

But here is the Roman-Dutch law spilling its rotten beans all over Africa; what type of families is the Roman-Dutch law trying to create out of homosexual unions? This type of legal system is not favorable or even morally sustainable at all especially in the case it allows human beings to reproductively go against the law and order of nature of biology.

The Roman-Dutch law has been used to engage in a conspiracy to undermine African traditional systems of governance, spirituality and morality and politics hence entrenching homosexuality element on the African population. This trend of behaviour called homosexuality arises out of popular culture of so-called  human rights and modern civilization.

The spoiled kids of the populous west want to mess up the whole of Africa with the most disgusting trend of behavioral pattern which is fully funded and because these agendas are extremely funded and legalized many African leaders who are born and raised from strong anti-homosexual cultural and traditional orientation with the exception of Yoweri Museveni would want to be seen neutral in a situation where an elephant is standing on a tail of a mouse.

The spread of legalized homosexuality across Africa is part of the Roman-Dutch propaganda to westernize Africa, coerce, dehumanize and depopulate it.

In many African languages, the word ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ or even ‘homosexuality’ itself carries only a negative connotation which already explains how deep rooted African culture is in preserving morality when it comes to human sexual or biological  orientation.

Morality is an integral part of human existence therefore in Africa no matter which political grouping we belong to, cultural orientation, religious or tribal background, we cannot be neutral on a matter of homosexuality when morality is at stake not even when we are ministers unless we are part of some sort of secret societies we owe an oath to.

Those arguing that the recent private member’s bill submitted by Hon. Jerry Ekandjo to the National Assembly which if passed into law will invalidate the Supreme Court ruling is a kill bill  or put our constitutional democracy at stake or whichever way they have been arguing should be reminded of how Namibia has gained its constitutional democracy, again it is through the Roman-Dutch legal system.

The introduction of the Roman-Dutch law in Namibia is related to colonization when Namibia was under German colonialists, the mondus operandus has therefore been reconstructed that the Roman-Dutch law is a priority legal system which enjoys preference over the indigenous African legal systems in all affairs including marriage, inheritance and all which concern human affairs.

The Roman-Dutch law has mistakenly been seen as a law of civilization, a mistake Africans need to unlearn.

To a learned mind it is therefore clear that homosexuality is a great-grand child of the Roman-Dutch law that became a new trend used to control societies, dividing and destabilizing Africans.

– Shivute Kaapanda is a columnist and an author from Eyanda village. He authored a book titled “The Conscious Republic”. He can be reached at