The primitive charlatans and the dogma of African politics

By Shivute Kaapanda [Think Tank Africa]

UNAFRAID are those who assert and dissert their enterprises of knowledge and fearlessly raise issues that most are scared to say in everyday discourse.

The African generation of the 21st century is a production of the few who are immune to fear of the bourgeoisie and their shenanigans.

Militarized is the African discourse particularly in politics.

The struggling youth masses are being silenced with petty promises; those in the fearless circles are either ridiculed as undisciplined or manipulated with cash at an expense of the majority voters who are often taken for granted and kept busy by cooking drought relief meals.

All these are experienced in African government administrations, the hard core subscribers of the west and the exploitative capitalist figures.

Kudos to the fearless minority revolutionaries of Africa who are suppressed by the executives of government charlatans, being labelled with names or manufacture bogus charges against them with the hope that they disappear from social discourse.

I stand opposed on how patriotic are the African governments in defense of mass oppression of their citizenry by the west.

It’s only a few such as President Robert Gabriel Mugabe who [was] seen as true patriotic African leaders, the rest are clapping hands to western powers, nodding their heads comfortably at every proposal suggested by the west, selling out the African masses.

Revolutionary congratulations go to qualitative opposition leaders such as South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who raised to the pedestal of African revolution in economic terms.

Political Organizations such as the EFF changed the political landscape of Africa, bringing the elements of political activism, Leninism and revolutionary morality at disposal by engaging the down-trodden masses and expose mediocrities of ruling elites especially in the so-called liberation movements.

African governments are primitive in such a way that the administrations of popular liberation movements are staffed with uneducated and ill-disciplined elders and a few bought young people.

The line of command in African governments is “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow” as such tomorrow never comes to reality. The Uneducated elders have stupid egos to insult young intellectuals and young revolutionaries who are patriotic as “Intellectual prostitutes”.

Public political discourses are dominated by scripture-reading Elderly citizens raping the Queen’s language with no mercy. The elderly present themselves as patriotic, educated and caring while in actual fact they are not.

The economy is militarized to such an extent that the ordinary citizens cannot even get a tender. The land is in the hands of the minority group defined by color, for such is the principal employer of the masses, the same group controls the private sector and every child born of that group is entitled to a big farm, for such they are Jesus-ing the African economy.

Dear African compatriots, lets fight the ruling elites of Africa and by this we battle through a means of a revolution and we can overcome the western influences which is the reason Africans are subject to immorality and inhuman practices.

In Namibia, an outstanding example of fearless youths that are of my big support is the newly formed group of young land revolutionaries who I embrace, The “AFFIRMATIVE REPOSITIONING” (AR)  group of young activists, the symbol of hope in rescuing Namibia’s people from the chronic land crisis. The history books shall talk.

Africa’s Che Guevara whose ideology I embrace once said: “While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill the ideas,” – Thomas Isidore Sankara, Burkina Faso revolutionary leader 1983-1987.

– Shivute Kaapanda is a pan-African revolutionary writer from Eyanda village. This is an excerpt from his seminal book “The Conscious Republic” published in 2020.