By Josefina Gabriel /

Sparkles are nice shining things that are good to look at, and most people like having things with shining colors or which sparkle like diamonds.

Children are like sparkling diamonds. This is why people like to have children.

People like children who are sparkling in their conduct and bring joy to the heart.

You too you can leave a little sparkle in other people’s hearts just with your kindness, your beautiful smile, or your wonderful behavior of helping others.

It’s the sparkle in you wherever you go and in whatever you do which makes your heart full of joy, so just keep sparkling.

Remember, different stars shine a little differently and on their own way and you are the star that shines everywhere.

You are a smart kid, obedient, respectful, hardworking, intelligent, wonderfully made therefore wherever you go you sparkle.

But be careful then not to dull your sparkle with bad words or bad conduct, but keep yourself pure and always true in your sparkling conduct.

Always tell yourself that you will sparkle forever.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author.