You have a right to choose your friend

By Josefina Gabriel |

Hey kids, you also have a right to have friends. Having a friend is a good thing and it’s nice to have a friend or friends. Everyone wants to have a friend instead of being alone.

However there are good friends and bad friends. A good friend can be a boy or a girl.

Even as a child, you have to choose a good friend. Because bad friends are not good. Bad friends bring problems.

How can you know that your friend is not a good friend? You can know by seeing and hearing what your friend is saying or doing. Bad friends do bad things and they say bad things.

A bad friend wants you to do the thing that your parent said it is not good to do.

But a good friend always talks about good things, a good friend wants you to obey teachers, a good friend wants you to behave well at school, to help elders with work at home, to do your school work, a good friend wants you to respect your parents.

Those are good things to do.

But insulting, stealing, and joining bad groups of people is a bad thing to follow.

So you must pick the friend who is nice and talks about good things always.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author.