How to live in this world

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

We are living in the world of hard times and many seasons, a world of darkness and the world full of hatred and difficulties. That is the kind of world we are living in today.

And the world is this way because it’s not actually our place but we are just passing by on our way to the promised land.

But then sometimes we don’t know what to do with all this current situation, or to know how to live at all in such kind of a world.

So the question is: how can one really live better in this world?

There are simple procedures in life to follow if you want to live better in this world:

  • Avoid anger, especially about unnecessary issues.
  • Forgive those who treat you bad and don’t take revenge at all.
  • Take it easy even though it may seem not so easy to handle… it will end.
  • Find the tender heart in yourself to avoid nasty and harsh attitudes.
  • Be positive towards things, and do not over-think over them.
  • Be simple and humble yourself. God loves those who are like that and he can easily promote you.
  • Don’t be sensitive to everything in life; be strong and be brave.
  • Ignore and move forward, stop concentrating on everything coming in front of you; it will make you fall.
  • Always be satisfied with what you have and be happy with it.
  • Don’t always share your plan with everyone, because not everybody is happy for your success.
  • Share your idea to help those who really need it because it’s the way of blessing others and the way of saving them in what they are passing through.
  • Protect yourself by avoid wrong places, and wrong people, and take care of yourself spiritually, mentally and physically.

Therefore be very careful in whatever you are doing, live better and be responsible in this world.  That way you will live well in this world.