In an effort to enhance member education, the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) has started with its first ever animated educational series titled “Get it right with GIPF”.

The series discusses GIPF benefits and unpacks the Fund’s frequently asked questions in layman’s terms, and in an interactive and engaging manner.

The episodes started airing on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation TV and on One Africa during prime time from 3-7 September 2023 and will also be broadcasted from 24-28 September 2023.

The same episodes will also be available on all the Fund’s social media platforms.

“Get it right with GIPF” tells the GIPF story through two characters namely Peno and Nole who are GIPF employees,” says GIPF’s manager for marketing Mr Edwin Tjiramba.

“These two characters engage in several conversations from the GIPF history, the Fund’s membership, the admission process to the Fund, and tackles the GIPF benefits such as Normal benefits, Early retirement, Resignation/Dismissal, Retrenchment, Disability, Ill-health retirement, Death and Funeral benefit.”

The episodes are no longer than 6 minutes each and can be downloaded from the GIPF YouTube channel.

“All GIPF members are encouraged to download these videos and share them with their loved ones to ensure they are all kept abreast with the Fund’s existence, processes, and benefits,” says Tjiramba.

In the photo: Peno and Nole in action.