The national youth conference of the Pentecostal Protestant Church (PPC) started yesterday evening at the Church’s Oshakati West congregation, where close to 200 youths from some parts of the country gathered.

The conference taking place from 7 September to 10 September 2023 would be a gathering of the Church’s youngsters where teachings, worshipping and singing will be the main feature of the occasion.

On the first day, the congregations which had come were from Onhanadi, Evululuko, Rundu, Ruacana, and the host Oshakati. Some representatives of the church in Angola were also present.

By 21h30 an evening service started, with Sister Augusta Ribeiro welcoming everyone by reading Psalm 133 which proclaims how wonderful and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to live in harmony.

Then Brother Paulus Ndeitwa, who is the deputy president of the PPC’s National Youth Council, made introductory remarks by emphasising on the need for those who came for the conference to work together and cooperate with all the set protocols.

It was then a moment for PPC’s Oshakati Youth Choir to welcome everyone with two songs. Oshakati Youth Choir was followed by Evululuko Teen-Youth Choir who also delivered two songs.

Then the opportunity went to Brother Adriano Kachuku from Rundu. Kachuku started with a word of motivation, before reading John 5:23, urging the young believers to give themselves “to God in the spirit and seek him with the whole heart”.

Kachuku then led the believers as they sang two worship songs: “Ila mepo iyapuki” and “Muhona matu ku tanga,” and then he made a prayer of submission to the Lord for the conference to go well.

It was then time for Oshakati Teen-Youth Choir who delivered two songs. After which it was offering time.

Then Brother Eneas Shikesho took to the podium for the preaching. Shikesho read a scripture, which he said was the theme of the conference, Matthew 5:14, which says that “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.”

He also read 1 Thessalonians 5:1-10, which urged the young believers to “be ready for the Lord’s coming”. After asking Sister Ailly Nangolo to lead the gathered brothers and sisters in a worship song which says “There was an emptiness deep down in my soul,” the preaching concluding with Shikesho stating that “Let us be awake and sober. Whoever is steadfast till the end will be saved.”

Then it was time for Brother Paulus Ndeitwa again, now to make announcements concerning the next day, as well as underlining that those who have not seen the organisers to have themselves registered for the conference will not be allowed to eat.

Finally it was Madam Delila Mbabi’s moment. Mbabi explained that together with her colleagues they have the task of ensuring law and order as well as safety for everyone and of the cars at the conference. “Those who are uncooperative, those who are here to gossip and those who will want to hang around outside while everyone else is in the church, I will deal with them,” she said.

The time was 00h32 when Brother Tenette Kambinda made the final prayer that closed the night’s heavenly activities, and then everyone went for tea as well as to go and sleep.

In the photo: Oshakati PPC Youth Choir welcoming their fellow youths with a few songs.