Nedbank Namibia – Serving our clients through digital innovation

By Selma Kaulinge /

The number of banking clients that prefer to do their banking on digital channels has increased significantly over the years. We have seen a migration away from bricks-and-mortar options, with over 40% of Nedbank Namibia clients currently using our digital channels.

Fintech is on the rise in Namibia and with the prevalence of smart phones in our country, financial sector digitalisation is expected to continue to increase. In 2020, the Bank of Namibia observed an increase in the use of e-money. The value and volume of e-money transactions increased to N$41, 2 million and N$65 million respectively.

The fourth industrial revolution has changed banking, as the use of data analytics to determine clients’ behavioural patterns, financial capabilities, and activities, interlaid with world economics and prevailing tendencies, allows for a better and more direct service offering. This enables the bank to share data, algorithms, and ecosystems not just to generate revenue, but, more importantly, to enhance the client experience.

Nedbank’s digitalisation strategy aims to create a competitive financial sector giving consumers access to innovative products while ensuring their protection and financial stability.

Nedbank Namibia has made great strides in transforming the bank to become more digital and has recently accelerated its digital transformation journey to be able to provide its clients with world-class digital platforms.

To fulfil its ambitious digital strategy, Nedbank Namibia has launched several market leading digital products over the last couple of years that provide clients with endless digital possibilities, namely: Avo SuperShop, PayToday, Nedbank Money app (Africa), Nedbank Online Banking, Nedbank Send Money, Nedbank MobiMoney, Nedbank Cashout, and Pocket POS.

Avo SuperShop

The recently launched Avo SuperShop is one of the few e-commerce platforms available in Namibia. Avo is your one-stop online SuperShop where you can get essential goods and services at a tap of a button, from wherever you are. The app also gives Namibian businesses the opportunity to sell their goods and services on a credible and safe platform.


Since its inception in 2017, PayToday, which is proudly powered by Nedbank Namibia, has become Namibia’s leading mobile payment app. It is a supremely smart, safe, and social payment app with functionalities that can be added to any business profile, and it offers a simple solution for making payments and sending money to friends and family.

Nedbank Money app (Africa)

The Nedbank Money app (Africa) is a fundamental rethinking of any mobile banking platform and is centered on the clients’ needs. It was created using award-winning technology and provides a best-in-class mobile banking user experience. It was also the first banking app in Namibia to allow clients to freeze and unfreeze their bank cards straight from the app. Clients can also activate their cards for international travel, cancel and re-order cards and do so much more on the Nedbank Money app (Africa).

Nedbank Online Banking

Nedbank Online Banking allows clients to do their banking online and offers them a new way to visualise, use and manage their money. It is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly, remarkably like the award-winning Nedbank Money app.

Nedbank Send Money

This functionality on the Nedbank Money app allows clients to send money to friends and family quickly and easily from their cellphone.

Nedbank MobiMoney

MobiMoney is a mobile-based account that uses your valid cellphone number as a store of value and allows you to perform certain transactions. It is easy to open, with no queuing and no documents needed, and your cellphone number becomes your account number.

Most importantly, your money will be safe because your MobiMoney account will be PIN protected. To open your MobiMoney account, simply dial *140*002# and register your cellphone number with Nedbank.

Nedbank Cashout

The Cashout service allows clients to withdraw cash from their account when making a purchase using their card at a point-of-sale devices in-store. Nedbank recently announced that the Cashout service has expanded significantly from a few initial stores to more than 120 stores countrywide, including any Woerman & Brock stores displaying their red logo, all Pick ‘n Pay stores country-wide, as well as a select number of smaller stores. Added to our ATM and branch network, Cashout has significantly increased Nedbank’s cash withdrawal footprint across Namibia.

Pocket POS

The portable Nedbank PocketPOS is perfect for on-the-go small and medium enterprises and traders as it allows them to receive card payment anytime, anywhere. The Nedbank PocketPOS device is Namibia’s first EMV chip-and-pin solution.

– Selma Kaulinge is Nedbank Namibia’s Communications and PR Manager.