Oshakati Town Council today unveiled a new logo. Here below is the statement of the town’s mayor Mr Leonard Hango at the launch of the town’s new identity.

“Today marks a significant and exciting moment in the history of our beloved town. We gather here to celebrate the launch of a new chapter in the life of Oshakati Town Council – the unveiling of our new company logo and rebranding image. This occasion is a testament to our commitment to progress, growth, and a shared vision for the future of our beautiful town Oshakati.

As we stand on the threshold of this new era, it is important to reflect on the journey that has led us here. Oshakati has a rich history, a tapestry woven with the threads of tradition, community, and resilience. Over the years, we have evolved, adapting to the changing times while holding onto the values that define us.

Our decision to embark on this rebranding journey was born out of a desire to better represent the dynamic spirit of Oshakati. Our new logo depicts the following:

It depicts the familiar Oshakati Broadcasting Tower. This proudly Northern Namibian structure is 275 meters tall. The tower has different sections and is held upright by various cables.

For us, this tower represents the Town of Oshakati. The cables holding the tower steady represent the people & residents of Oshakati. Like the cables, our residents are the ones who keep this town stable and strong. By including the cables, we place emphasis on unity and strength.

The tower is set on the horizon with the sun setting in the background. The horizon reminds us to keep ourselves grounded and it offers providence.

The sun in the background symbolizes stability of life for this region.

Furthermore, the tower is designed in a dynamic shape that faces upwards to represent the growth of the town.

The tower can also be seen as a compass arrow pointing North. This ties back to the fact that Oshakati is the commercial center of the North as our slogan states.

Overall, the new council logo captures the essence of our town – its vibrant energy, its unity in diversity, and its forward-looking ambition. The colors, shapes, and elements of the logo as mentioned,  symbolize the various facets that make up our community – a community that stands strong together and embraces progress while cherishing its roots.

Ladies and gentlemen,

This rebranding effort is more than just a change in appearance. It is a statement of our commitment to growth and development. It is a pledge to provide better services, improved infrastructure, and a higher quality of life for our residents. Our new image will serve as a beacon, guiding us as we work towards making Oshakati a place that future generations can be proud to call home.

Hence today we launch our customer service charter which is a brief statement that outlines how Oshakati Town Council as a Local Authority pledges to work with its stakeholders and customers along with providing insights into how a Oshakati will operate form today onwards.

At this moment allow me to ask all employees to stand up and repeat after me:

“As an employee of Oshakati Town Council, I solemnly swear to uphold the name of Oshakati Town Council by servicing Oshakati as per its mandate, mission and vision statements of the town”

Thank you, you may sit down.

As from today, we are confident that Oshakati’s service delivery to our stakeholders will enhance, and we will serve the community as per our service chatter.

Lastly, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been part of this journey. Our dedicated town council members, our talented designers, and most importantly, each and every one of you who call Oshakati home – your input, support, and enthusiasm have been invaluable.

As we unveil this new logo and rebranding image, let us also remember that while change is inevitable, our core values remain unwavering. Let us continue to cherish our traditions, celebrate our diversity, and nurture the strong sense of community that defines us.

With this new logo, we embark on a new chapter, one filled with promise, potential, and endless opportunities. Let us move forward together, united by a shared vision, and let our new image be a constant reminder of the remarkable journey that is Oshakati.

Thank you and let the next phase of our journey begin!

In the photo: Oshakati Mayor Leonard Hango delivering his re-branding speech.