Do you love yourself?

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

In this world we are defined by what we have, what we do, how we look, and how we live life in someone else’s expectations.

But do you love yourself?

This topic of today came in the form of a question, and so now when you read this may you take a moment to ask yourself who you are to yourself and whether you really love who you are. Do you love yourself with what you have, what you do, how you look and how you live life according to your own expectations?

Now if the answer to this question is yes, why are you doing things to yourself in order to be defined differently according to some other people’s expectations? Why are you punishing yourself in such a way that you might forever fail to return yourself back to the real you?

  1. You are destroying yourself. How? By using all that bad manners although you know how to act well.
  2. You are using your mouth to talk about unnecessary things, gossiping, criticizing, seducing, insulting, instead of using that tongue to bless, pray, advising, comforting, and helping. Therefore by doing things which are dirtying your dignity and your uniqueness.
  3. You are destroying your body and health from outside and inside, by eating and drinking all things which are not good for your health.
  4. Using your mind and brain to think evilness and start developing hatred, jealousy and cursing.
  5. By using your eyes to watch bad things and rejoice in it, evils become good in your eyes and good become your disturber.
  6. Convincing and driving others into shame and failures while you know all about it but what you have is a snake’s spirit.
  7. Stealing and destroying the peace of others and spreading lies around you.
  8. Letting yourself to get into gangs and bad companies instead of choosing the way of true happiness.
  9. Allowing someone to use you and destroy your life in any kind of way maybe because of money.
  10. Choosing to be a bad person instead of a good one.

Now tell me, do you still believe that you love yourself after all these mentioned in the above list in your life? If you can still say yes, well then it’s fine with you. But just if you can change in some way, you will see the really you and your beauty how it will be calmly rising in your life.

Love yourself and be kind to yourself and to others too, but don’t let other’s expectations to change you.