Are we in a poop hole?

By Victor Angula /

It was former USA president Donald Trump who stated that most of the African countries are actually poop holes.

Poop holes are places from where nothing good, nothing productive and nothing useful can ever come.

Is Namibia, according to Donald Trump, one of those places?

I don’t know the criteria used by Trump to determine what a “poop hole country” looks like, but I do know that Namibia is quite a dark place actually for most of the people, including myself.

If you are somewhere where you can’t see the light, then that is a dark place you are in. And if what you have mostly is a foul smelling life too in that place, where you are trying to get out (but you can’t), then that is a poo hole you are in actually.

In north Africa thousands of people keep risking their lives every year trying to get out of the poo holes where they are. In Namibia hundreds of people have been trying to do the same by boarding no-return aeroplanes to the UK, until the UK government put an end to the no-visa arrangements with Namibia.

Thanks to the generous social safety net of government grants – to old people, vulnerable children, people with disabilities, and to dependents of government institutions employees – most people in Namibia by now be in the dark hole known as the grave.

Most people are surviving on the social safety net economy. It is the social safety net economy which is keeping the lights of their lives on.

While the late former president died with a wish that this social safety net economy is improved further with an injection of a lot more money to old people, Mr President did nothing to get young people out of the poo hole situation of no job and no future while he was in the top office of the land.

And so the poo hole situation continues under the new but temporary president.

– Victor Angula is the editor of Omutumwa News Online.