Learn to accept

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

Life is full of problems. Everyone has problems.

It is life. Problems are part of life.

A human being’s life is made out of problems. The problems of our lives start right before we are born, when our mothers have to carry us around in their tummies for nine months.

Even at birth we bring so much pain to our mothers. And then we continue to bring her the pain and problems as she struggles to bring us up and make us become good children.

Now then adulthood is the beginning of our own problems. Everywhere we turn we may seem to just come across problems. Financial problems, unemployment problems, failed relationships, bullies at school or at work, crime, poor health, lack of family support, and so on.

And of course some people’s problems seem to be more hard and difficult to carry than other people’s problems. Some people have small problems while other people have big problems.

But one thing I have learned is that one must learn to accept his or her problems.

Accept your problem and put it in the hands of God through prayers. Stop worrying over the problem because with God nothing is impossible. With God all problems will find a solution.

So why should you feel helpless and hopeless while there is always someone who can handle your big problems?

If you learn to handle those problems which you can handle and then you allow God to handle those you can’t handle then your life will be better. Your life will not be problem-free but it will be less of the worries and stress of life.

Your life came from God, so that all the problems you face in your life can be handled if you accept them and put them in the hands of the Almighty who gave you the life.

So, never feel that your life is useless or hopeless just because of the problems you face.