The head coach of Arcadia FC Mr Frank Inana has called on parents and local companies to support the development of youth sport in the country and throw their weight behind the fortunes of the promising young footballers who are in his hands.

Inana was speaking at the award ceremony which recognised the club’s young footballers for having done well in the 2019 Khomas Youth Football League.

Inana thanked the club and the players for their continued commitment, and expressed his wish that the new season will even be better. But he bemoaned the absence of the parents of players from Katutura and Khomasdal, who never seem to find time to come out and support the activities of the club, with both financial and moral support.

“Parents will take their children to the other side of town where facilities have been developed and pay over a thousand dollars, but will not support with the lower registration fees, for Arcadia to be able to develop its facilities to the level offered by the clubs from the other side of town,” he criticised.

Inana told Omutumwa that every player at his club is expected to pay N$350 per person per season, but it is always a challenge as most of their players are from poor households.

“We do not have any official sponsorship from companies but we do receive some help from several individuals who are our former players. We also have a gentleman in the UK who helps us out here and there such as by sending us soccer boots.

“We do need support, any kind of support, nothing is small, from the business community and individuals. Those who would like to support the club should call the club secretary at +264 85 522 0647.”

Arcadia runs a sports youth development program in Grysblok for ages 6 to 19 years. Most of the youngsters are from the townships of Katutura and Khomasdal. A total of 47 players received medals for their participation in the 2019 Khomas Youth Football League.

At the award ceremony former Khomas Youth Chairperson Mr Lazarus Xoaugub praised the club for its continued commitment to provide an opportunity to the youngsters for them to sharpen their soccer talents and stay away from anti-social behaviour.

Xoaugub presented a certificate of recognition to the club’s acting chairperson Mr August Hangara. In his remarks Mr Hangara called for more support to the club for them to be able to honor players in the categories of top defender, top goal scorer, most improved goalkeeper, most improved player and outstanding player of the season for the various age groups.

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