The Road Fund Administration (RFA) has applauded its chief executive officer for good performance and given him another term of 5 years ahead after he has been at the helm since 2014.

The re-appointment of Mr Ali Ipinge was announced recently although  it is effective from 1 November 2019.

During his tenure Ipinge has been credited with the full implementation of the company’s strategic plan, which resulted in a 56% revenue growth of N$0.9 billion over a five-year period.

Under Ipinge’s leadership RFA supported government initiatives over the past 24 months by releasing reserve funds of N$320 million to pay for critical road capital project invoices. The RFA was also able to arrange, at the request of the shareholder and on its balance sheet, with support of a government guarantee, an amount of N$1.25 billion for road capital projects.

“To date, the RFA has improved its operational capacity through amongst others: the implementation of a robust Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Framework that has streamlined business processes and improved efficiency,” said the RFA’s board in a statement.

The company has had an unqualified audit opinion since 2014. Other notable achievements under the leadership of Ipinge are: “Constructed 55 staff accommodation units at 14 border posts for 66 employees at a total investment of N$68 million;

“RFA now operates at 20 representation points compared to 13 in 2014;

“Recipient of the Deloitte Gold Achiever Award for being the ‘Best Company to Work For’ in the Small/Medium Size Company category in 2018 motivated and satisfied workforce;

“Corporate structure was realigned to strategic business needs with the staff complement increasing from 80 in 2014 to 146 in 2019.”