The NAMDIA Foundation yesterday donated another N$7 million to the government in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020 the Foundation donated N$2 million for the fight against Covid-19, of which N$1 000 000 went to the Government’s National Disaster Fund, N$200 000 to the Public Enterprises CEO’s Forum, N$150 000 to the City of Windhoek for water provision in informal settlements, 500 sanitizer bottles to the Robert Mugabe Clinic, and 23 000 kg food parcels worth N$300 000 were distributed by NAMDIA staff and volunteers to vulnerable communities.

“To further demonstrate our commitment, the Foundation, in close collaboration with NAMDIA’s clients, is donating N$7 146 328.62 (seven million one hundred and fortysix thousand, three hundred and twenty-eight Namibia Dollars and sixty-two cents) to the Ministry of Health and Social Services,” said NAMDIA CEO Kennedy Hamutenya.

The donation was made as follows:

  • 5 Oxygen concentrators worth N$630 000.00 (Six hundred and thirty thousand Namibia Dollars) plus N$ 3 073 633.64 (Three million and seventy-three thousand six hundred and thirty-three Namibia Dollars and sixty-four cents) for the acquisition of oxygen and oxygen related equipment. This is in collaboration with NAMDIA’s clients namely Dev Jewels, Diamond Trading, Diamwill, Dhamani, Kapu Diamonds and Samir Gems.
  • N$4 072 694.98 (Four million and seventy-two thousand, six hundred and ninety-four Namibia Dollars and ninety-eight cents) for the construction of the Mariental Hospital Oxygen Generation Plant.

“This is a partnership between NAMDIA and one of its most prominent clients SBMH. The Oxygen Generation Plant will alleviate some of the pressure on our health system and will provide much needed oxygen to health facilities in the region and construction is scheduled to commence within the next two weeks.

“Once constructed the plant will deliver a class leading 500L/min of 93% to 95% pure medical grade oxygen. The NAMDIA Foundation is humbled and grateful for the generosity of NAMDIA’s clients and their willingness to stand with us during these unprecedented times.

“NAMDIA continues to firmly stand together with the nation and values the resilience and unwavering commitment of our country’s front line workers who risk their lives daily in the fight against the pandemic,” Hamutenya said.

In the photo: Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Kalumbi Shangula, NAMDIA Foundation chairman Bryan Eiseb, and NAMDIA CEO Kennedy Hamutenya.