An Ongwediva-based young lady has gone to great lengths to bring to the public a range of naturally Namibian hair and skin care products.

In her own words Paulina Nenkavu says the following:

“‘Oyetu Naturals’ is a Namibian hair and skin care product range. All our products are 100% natural, which definitely makes it a healthier alternative for hair and skin care.

Most of our ingredients are from the Namibian resources and are collected and prepared by the local Namibian people.

Namibia is full of so many resources and it has always been my dream to create something using our Namibian resources to develop our economy and empower the livelihoods of our Namibian people. What better way than to create a hair and body care range that uses Namibian resources and that is totally suitable for our hair and skin type?

Our first range consists of an Oyetu hair butter made from 100% natural Namibian oombeke extracts, rosemary from my garden, unrefined african shea butter and vitamins; to boost growth, hydrate, nourish and strengthen hair.

Oyetu Body Butter is made out of the rich oontanga extracts and shea. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties proven to be beneficial for many skin types. It conditions, tones & soothes your skin. Leaving you with glowing, soft, youthful, smooth skin. It’s suitable for both gents and ladies.

Oyetu Hair Growth oil is a blend of Africa’s best seed oils, herbs and vitamins, which can do the following: stimulates hair growth, restores hair line, strengthens hair strands, promotes scalp health, nourishes scalp, restores bald spots, and improves circulation.

Oyetu Beard oil is a blend of nourishing marula oil, and the skin loving grapeseed oil. It’s meant to keep your beard hair healthy throughout its growth; leaving your beard moisturised, healthy and smelling good.

Oyetu Hydrating lip balm is made out of marula and peppermint to hydrate and soften your lips.

Our range of face care products will be out by April.

Our products are currently available at Olupandu Pharmacy in Ondangwa. We also have a distributor in Tsumeb, Windhoek, Okahandja, and Ongwediva. We are looking at expanding into more retailers soon.

We also offer the Namibian people opportunities to make an income by purchasing the products on wholesale price from us and reselling at a guided profit margin. This is another way in which we empower the Namibian people.

Oyetu Naturals are produced by Linetu Investment Solutions, 100% owned by me Paulina Nenkavu. Email: Mobile: 0812901032.”

IN THE PHOTO: Oyetu Body Butter, made from our own oontanga