Girl, let them talk

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela   /

African ladies are such interesting people really. They like talking, mostly about others. If you’re failing they will talk; if you’re succeeding they will talk.

So I always want people to be like me. I mean, to think like me; you know, I always ignore those people who always talk behind my back. I just believe that that is where they belong. Just behind my back. So I don’t bother myself with them.

Remember that people will talk about you because you’re someone. They will talk about you because they want to kill your dreams; and they want to pull you back where they are.

But never let them to pull you down. Don’t ever give them the chance to hold you back. Just work hard and show them that you’re strong enough and no one will pull you down.

As women we always want to have friends. But some friendship is meant just to talk about others. Avoid bad friends and avoid okupotsa aantu.

Just don’t associate with wrong people, people who have no vision, and no mission. People who are not building anything in your life.

Rather be yourself. Let the talkers talk because when you see people talking about you or mocking you, don’t worry, because it means you’re the toper. They may try to hurt your feelings, so that you can lose concentration in what you’re doing with your life.

People will always talk behind your back, but one thing you must know is they are talking about you because you’re someone important in society, or you’re doing something useful with your life.

Never allow your life to be controlled by gossipers. Gossipers only want you to fail in life, to become a nobody so that they will laugh at you even more. They want to bring you down where they are.

Just live the life you want to live and let them continue talking behind your back. If they are talking about you behind your back, that already means they are behind you.

As ladies we must learn to worry less about other people’s big mouths because whatever they say, good or bad, your life is your choice and you’re the CEO of your life anyway.

My fellow ladies, it’s better to concentrate on your life’s growth and development than to keep stressing about your gossipers.