Trust God’s timing

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela |

Your day will come. Stop worrying ladies.

What we need to know is only that God is always around us and so let us trust on him and let us not worry of anything.

Just imagine that since you were born until today God is with you. Anything you have it’s because of him.

If the truth be told and we were being totally honest, what I have noticed is that most of us don’t like waiting especially if we have to wait for something to change or something to get better.

It’s true that waiting can be a very frustrating experience. The worst kind of waiting for all is waiting on God; when God forces you to wait for things to get better in your life, for things to improve or change or reverse but then nothing is happening this may get one to be frustrated.

Waiting on the Lord is one of the most difficult things. But anyway the thing you want in life is in God’s waiting room right now. Tashi ya anuwa ihashi londelwa.

Don’t worry if you asked something from God and he didn’t answer you on your right time. It’s not as if you’re demanding to be given what already belongs to you. If you ask to be given a favour the giver will give you at his or her right time. Just continue asking.

Please don’t stop or give up asking him; you are not alone, he will answer your prayers at the right time and he will bless you with more than what you asked. So please my fellow gender let us learn to be patient, because God is always answering with his time.

Some of you are in a hurry to graduate; some of you are in a hurry to get married, start a family, to launch a new business etc., but we hate to wait for God’s appointed time. Let us learn to trust God because it’s through that when he builds our character.

Just continue sitting in God’s waiting room. God has timetables for our lives, but he does not tell us the details in advance. If you were to know God’s timetable and to know when he will do everything then you would be God’s time keeper.

Isn’t it perfect that you can rely on God’s timetable because he knows all the details about you? He knows your past, your present and your future and he knows what you need at the right time.

The wisest thing is to know that you can never go wrong waiting upon God’s timing. So let us trust God because his time is always right.