God loves you more

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel /

Many people go through life feeling unloved.

Sometimes experiences of no love, lack of love, little love or broken love start right from the beginning while we are young. Starting right at home, where we feel unloved by our parents or siblings.

Or we start feeling unloved as we grow up and face the realities of a world of materialism and individualism.

Other times our feelings of being unloved may come as we engage in human relationships for various reasons.

Even as we try to love someone or to love everyone, the people seem not to want to return the same love to us.

Maybe it is because they don’t feel that we are worthy of their attention and love because we have no money, or because we don’t look as beautiful or handsome as they wished.

Maybe it is true that we are not beautiful and not handsome at all.

But whatever the case may be, there is always someone who loves us anyway. If we don’t have money, God still loves us. If we are not pretty, God still loves us. Even if all the people hate us for good or for bad reasons, God still loves us.

God loves us more than anyone can love us.

It is because God loved us from the beginning, so that he created us by forming us with care in our mothers’ wombs and breathed his life in our noses on the day we were born. And it is because God loves us that we are still breathing today.

If you feel unloved, just think about the father who made you to wake up again today. If you think no one loves you, think about your heavenly father who loves you always and continues to bless you with another birthday every year.

It is because of God’s love that you are alive. God’s love is true love. God’s love is permanent. God’s love endures forever.

Never underestimate God’s love for you.