Hope is not enough

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel /

Sometimes we face difficulties or challenges in life, things which we seem not to have the ability to overcome.

And nobody is there to help us get out of the situation. Our family members, our friends, neighbours and everyone else we know seems to also be unable or just unwilling to help us.

Maybe the people have tried to help. They have tried their best; but their best was not good enough to get us out of the situation.

So that we may sit down feeling helpless.

All we could do is to do nothing and hope that somehow, someway, things will turn out right.

But one thing I have figured out is the reality that hope is not enough. Just hoping that things will improve or things will become better, it is not enough at all.

If you are in a situation which you think, feel or believe that you are powerless to handle and get through it successfully, just sitting down feeling helpless and just hoping that your situation will change, that approach is not enough.

Of course having hope is always better than having no hope. But just having hope is not enough.

Things will get better, and your situation will change only if you pray. It is better to pray instead of just hoping.

Prayer changes everything. Prayer is a conversation with someone who knows everything, someone who knows you before you were inside your mother’s womb. Prayer is a conversation with your creator.

There is nothing that is impossible for the one who created you. If you are in a situation of any kind, you better talk to him. Don’t just hope. God doesn’t hear your hopes. But he hears your prayers.

When the prayer is genuine and it comes from your heart, God will always hear it.

So, whenever you are stuck somewhere, never sit there and hope for the best. Rather remember to pray and ask for the hand of one whose helping hand is always ready to get us out of any situation.