Grace of God

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

Too often when we are living a good and comfortable life on this earth we tend to think that it’s because we are more smart and wiser on our own and forget that it’s not by our power nor by our wisdom but by his grace upon us wherever we are.

God always loves us and wishes for us something marvelous in life even though his time sometimes for some people seems to be slow because he knows all our needs and knows the right time to fulfill all our needs.

Through his grace he teaches us, guides us and shows us the good path always.

Yet we sometimes consider God only when we are suffering or have problems in life but it was not supposed to be like that. You supposed to thank, praise and ask him every day because he is your strength, your hope, your pillar, your confidant with whom you can share all your issues.

I know people who grew up making devotion hours in their houses before sleeping as a family, but now people consider God as their enemy and they love what is from the devil. That’s the reason why people have no love for each other because they failed to love their God first.

God is the reason you are here today. Think about those who are sick or living in hardship not because they requested it or anything, but you’re fine and you have a good standard of life today; is that not good and time to say thanks that his grace always is with you?

Therefore think of him in whatever you do, thank him you are fine today not because you’re able but because he cares for you a lot. Do not wait to be hopeless so that you can seek for him, but rather pray in your room, in your car, in your office and say ‘thank you God for who I am today’.

Do acknowledge God’s grace, and don’t forsake your best friend who never pretends but loves you as you are!