It’s our turn

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

Ladies, the time is now. It’s time for us to shine. For us to shine, we have the power to actively create meaning in our lives rather than passively look for it.

Do you know more about the world today than you did yesterday? Have you ever asked yourself such a question? Or how do I create meaning in my life so that my tomorrow will be different from my today? If you organize your day, so you’ve got to work hard, that’s how.

My sister, now is the time to start building your marriage, start teaching and investing in your kids, placing your money together and getting yourself out of debt. Even as a single lady, it’s time to start putting your eggs in a row, or in the right baskets.

Fellow ladies it’s now the time to start pursuing something greater, it’s time to start building the vision that God put in your heart, time to start saving up for the home of your dreams, time to start making investments in yourself.

You cannot wait dear sisters, don’t wait another day, another minute, now is our time to shine. Let us shine like diamonds; we are flowers in the sunshine, and we were created to shine like stars in the sky.

Now is our time; how long are we going to complain about what we don’t have, who don’t take care of you and who don’t like you, who cares what they think? But it’s our time to shine.

That is about what God wants to do in me and this is about legacy that he wants me to build and the impact he wants me to make. Why am I going to put my legacy to the side in order to appease a person who doesn’t know who I really am?

My dear, the time for pity parties is over. You gotta get out there and make your mark, to get to a place where you recognize that I’m not just here passing time, I’m not just here having fun, but I’m here to make a difference, to make things happen, and it’s my time to shine.

So young superstar, get out of yourself and claim your turn, change the world and tell them it’s my time now.