Marriage isn’t a career

By Alma Namene Amunyela /

Dear women, do hustle hard and become someone in life. And when marriage comes, let it come for its own convenience.

I say this because I see and I do sense that a lot of women come to think of marriage as if it’s something comparable to a career. As if marriage is the end of all financial problems you have had so far in your life.

My girl, let me tell you: marriage is not a career, and a man is not a financial breakthrough.

Don’t just bring hips and a birth certificate to the table. The world has moved from that stage, when women were housekeepers and child caretakers, while the man’s job was to work and bring food to the table.

Of course a man must work and bring food to the table. It’s a man’s job to earn money to feed his family. But trust me, money tastes so good when you work for it.

This is why I always try to encourage other ladies to have dreams bigger than just a wedding ring. Work hard and learn fast, get into the competition and get ahead of your colleagues even if they are guys. Work hard so that you can get a higher salary.

This is the freedom, equality and independence which all women need. Without it you will be trapped in a marriage which is not happy and not worth it either.