By Josefina Gabriel /

Hey kids, do you know? Do you know about God and the Bible?

Wow, wonderful!

The best and smart kids are those who want to know God.

It is good to have a Christianity life, a life that can lead you to a better living, teaching you how to obey, respect, love, and behave before God and people.

It’s by reading the Bible that you can know of God’s ways, God’s will, and God’s plans for your life.

This can teach you how to trust God in everything, and then the Lord you believe in can keep you away from harm, he will watch over your life, the Lord will watch over your coming and going and over the whole existence of your living.

By knowing God, God will protect you, love you, bless you and give you wisdom and strength.

Therefore be that kid who wants to know not only the things of this world but mostly the things of God.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author.