Our thoughts are not his

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

If we believe and have faith, all things are possible in life.

We are living in a world of materialism. So that our thoughts are mostly focused on how to get the things of the world.

And when we don’t get such things we wonder, stress, hate, steal, kill and destroy because we want to have what the world is having.

But I have realized that if God says yes nobody can say no. What is meant for you is yours. So it’s better to stop demanding for what people have and instead start demanding for what God has in store for you.

Be happy for what you have and keep waiting on the Lord for more to come.

This is a serious thing, because today people hate each other because of materials and man-made things. People tend to destroy each other because of jealousy, or even kill as a result of competition and selfishness.

Some become thieves simply because they want to get rich. And in the end they end up in all kinds of troubles.

This shows that those people don’t know their destiny. It’s essential to know that your destiny is in our God’s hands. So stop fighting over something that doesn’t belong to you. Rejoice for what you have.

God didn’t mean to be blind to your needs.

Steady on! God has something for you!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you just need to hold on to your trust and faith and with full hope in only him whose thoughts and plans for your life are perfect.

Stop listening to people’s conclusions about your life because they are not your creator. Stop comparing yourself with other people. You’re not what people say you are. You’re what God says you are.

Wish yourself to live longer so that the people can see what God will have done for you because right now our thoughts are not his.