Don’t take it personal

By Josefina Gabriel|

Meeting someone with a bad attitude or nasty approach is something that is so much common in our society. And it’s due to some circumstances.

Since you can’t change those circumstances, then you better learn something now that it’s not always about you but about them.

You might be in connection with someone in that moment, and out of the blue you hear the person shouting at you, reply to you in a rude manner or being nasty in a way and it will shock you and run your temper.

Remember, it’s not about you. So you don’t have to take it personal.

You may come up to a colleague in the morning and greet the person, but the person’s response can be like they don’t want to be greeted. Just remember that it’s not about you.

Normally you can lose concentration as you think that what the other is doing or how they are behaving is about you, but in most cases it’s not about you. Rather what others do or say is a projection of their own reality, their life matters, and their daily circumstances.

Therefore don’t be a victim of other people’s issues. When people are victims of their daily circumstances they tend to make everyone else they meet to also share or help carry the burden of their situation.

People hate you and love you, be good to you or be bad to you at times, but this has nothing to do with you in life. It’s a result of what they are going through. Good seasons produce good fruits, while bad seasons produce bad fruits.

You better go on with your life as long as you’re good and do good to others. Keep it up in doing good, and do not worry so much about their praising or criticism if these seem to be coming in seasons.

You have to set up some standards for yourself to live up to, to be upbeat and positive-minded no matter your circumstances or circumstances of others.

Down here is something to consider:

Do your best but let God to do the rest. By trying this it can help you to avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

Don’t make suspicious assumptions of others’ intentions. Stress, pain and hunger can make people to act differently. Avoid misunderstandings of their behavior without first knowing their circumstances.

And last one, speak with integrity to avoid gossip and hatred. Don’t respond nastiness with nastiness in word or in conduct.

Therefore train your mind to see what is good in others; positivity is a choice, your quality thoughts create not just happiness for you but also a quality life.

— Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author. She can be reached at: