The Office of Oshana Governor handed over seeds and watering cans to beneficiaries in the region’s constituencies after a pharmaceutical enterprise known as WAP Pharmacy made the donation.

The donation worth some N$35,512 was last Thursday handed over to some of the regional councilors on behalf of 35 beneficiaries in their constituencies.

“Besides the challenges inflicted on us by Covid-19, the pandemic has made us appreciate the importance of agriculture,” said Oshana Governor Elia Irimari at the hand-over occasion which took place at Oshakati.

“Covid-19 has taught us to think about our own food security. Currently as we speak agriculture in Namibia contributes around 5% of the GDP despite us receiving sufficient rainfall to grow crops.

“As a nation we are currently too dependent on imports and in return our agricultural sector has become dormant.

“Therefore, allow me to acknowledge this donation and most importantly the contribution made by WAP Pharmacy towards the people of Oshana Region by acquiring seeds for cabbages, onions, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and green peppers to the tune of N$35,512.30.

“As part of our contribution, my Office has procured 34 watering cans at a cost of N$3,367.70 to also support the identified beneficiaries. I wish to commend WAP Pharmacy for their generous contribution.”

“I am happy to have this opportunity for our pharmacy to give back to the community,” said Mr Aaron Emono of WAP Pharmacy.

“When our country was grappling with the Covid-19 we contacted the Office of the Governor to see how we can do something for our people. I am therefore happy to see that today our desire has been realized.

“I am asking the beneficiaries to use the seeds wisely and productively. And after the harvests they must share with fellow community members at very low cost when selling to them.”

The seeds were bought from India.

In the photo: From left are Oshana Regional Chairperson Hanu Kapenda, Governor Elia Irimari and Aaron Emono of WAP Pharmacy. In the background are some of the regional councilors.