Stop worrying and focus

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel|

We have different living styles in life. We tend to fall onto different tracks even though we all are facing one way of destiny and future.

So that people talk about others just because their styles of living are different.

Of course if your way of living is not good, if it can lead you to destruction, people will talk so that they can help you to move back to the right path.

But even if you are going on the right path, some people will still talk so that they can discourage you.

Therefore you need to focus on your life without listening to their words of mocking because they can talk whether you win it over or you fail; they can still talk because they are always negative towards your life.

One thing you need to know in life is that everyone on earth is having a story behind his or her back. So stop blaming yourself and stop listening to the devil’s comments.

The people can talk and say that you will fail. But just accept the situation and go forward. There are greater things for you coming in life. If you fail once you can still try again. It’s not too late; be a soldier and continue your battle until you win.

It’s not fair to yourself to stay at one place thinking of one way and blaming yourself for one thing.

That’s not all. There are many things you can try and win over. The only thing you need to avoid is laziness. No one is 100% perfect. You first have to pass through challenges, and pain and it doesn’t mean you’re finished. No, you’re not; you are just fighting the battle.

Failures are here to make us strong, to teach us a lot about life and show us better paths and make us wait for the right point and answer.

Stop listening to what they are saying. They will just confuse you. They are not God to decide for you because the bigger is God who can lead everyone on earth.

God is the way, the director, the answer, and the healer; so focus on him, depend on him, lean on him and he will open the doors for you.

Stop worrying and start focusing on your life.