Accompany yourself with good people

By Josefina Gabriel|

Someone can say life is a game whereby you can press the button of your choice and whatever you wish for you can get through that game.

However you can only play this game with success in partnership or in a team or company of someone; so that you need to carefully choose who to play with, otherwise some people have bad influence, which leads to bad results.

You easily become who you become according to those you surrounding yourself. Those who surround themselves with prayer-warriors are likely to become prayer-warriors, just as those who surround themselves with gang-members are likely to become gang-members.

So you really need to choose wisely so that you keep yourself on a better track through the influence of those who you hang around with. Choose people who always lift you higher not those with negativities and against your plans. Choose people who have plans, ideas and hopes for a life full of opportunity to prosper and confidence to go after it.

But one thing you need to know is that too much pride can cost you everything, therefore don’t let opportunity for prosperity to control your loyalty because it will be wrong with your character; rather be who you are and be humble always.

True confidence has no room for jealousy and envy because you have no evil thoughts in you therefore you have no reason to hate and wishing others of destruction. And if you are that person with a bad heart it’s never late to change and start over, start a new wave of emotions and a new belief system in yourself by keeping yourself in the company of good people.

So stop surrounding yourself with bad thoughts and negativities, learn to walk away from situations or people who threaten your peace of mind, self-respect and self-worth. Rather be hated for being yourself than be liked as someone you are not in life.

Be positive and work out on whatever you wish for.

— Ms Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, ardent Christian and upcoming author.