Never stop learning

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

We ladies are so much known for something; which is: “Never stop talking.”

But, I think, there is something else we must now be known for: “Never stop learning.”

We mostly think that learning ends the day we are out of school. We think that learning is something only to do with education. We think learning is only a thing for getting certificates, diplomas and degrees.

But learning is more than that actually. Learning is learning about life and its challenges, opportunities and responsibilities on us to make a difference. At work or at home, the only way for us to make a positive difference is by learning every day.

No doubt, life is the best teacher. You have to accept life as your teacher; you learn from life-experiences. You learn from your mistakes. You learn from failing.

You learn from reading good books, watching good videos, and listening to good people. You learn by doing new things and trying out different things. You learn by taking on new responsibilities.

You learn by giving yourself as a sacrifice to your dreams. You learn by going out of your way to impact the world around you.

Every day you get out of bed to go chasing after your dreams, you learn along the way if you’re willing to let new knowledge enter your head more than you care about letting more words come out of your mouth.