By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

We have different people in life with whom we can build relationships or develop companionship every time, or with whom we may find different possible ways to love and be attracted to each other.

But then many times we do find ourselves in situations of mourning or in stressful situations because we have been rejected by someone whom we feel like he or she was our only hope in this life.

But in reality this is not true. No one is your only hope except God.

Before you met this person you were already living a normal life. And you can maybe even lose someone through death yet you can still stand on your own two feet and walk away from the cemetery because that’s how life is; you need to accept and let it go.

When you cry over someone who walked out of your life because he or she doesn’t care about you and who always pretended to be with you, that can be a waste of time and waste of tears because that person doesn’t even deserve your tears; it doesn’t matter how hurt you’re feeling, they will not consider them though.

When we are talking about someone rejecting you we are referring to: friends, mates, relatives, and lovers. Sometimes you can do evil to please him or her because you are scared of losing the person.

You need to build relationships by choosing wisely your friends in life or friends in love; as long as you know that people are not the same and no one is perfect but we are all unique and special in our own ways.

And the other thing is that be very careful not to reject and avoid those who need you; don’t take them for granted because they are very important in your life and you will always need them.

Every person who comes in your life comes for a purpose; sometimes bad purpose but most times good purpose. And when that purpose is over then the person can leave your life just the way they came.

You might feel sad for that, but then it’s not an occasion for crying over the person who is now gone; rather it’s time for you to think about what you have learned or gained from the time you shared together.