Stop holding onto things you can’t change

By Josefina Gabriel|

Life is a complicated process and a lesson for everyone; you can pass through different things that can show you the path and everyday has its own works.

However sometimes things can happen in your life, things which you can’t understand. But this can be done for all good reasons, to train and make people understand the meaning of life.

In the most of time people usually struggle to get themselves out of issues they got themselves into by believing that they can’t get out of this messy life and find themselves even losing their peace because they let themselves to be the slave to the issues they are struggling with.

Life is all about a struggle, but you have to let go of those things which you can’t change. Find something different and live a second chance. Some things are simply not meant for you. It’s a lie that your mind can tell that you can’t make it without them; it is a lie that your mind can tell you that you’re no one without certain things, it is a lie that you might lose everything or you might lose your life if you let go. Nothing is impossible with God if you believe in him.

That’s why you can find yourself in a situation that you can’t even expose it out because of you being scared to bring danger into your life but you are already in danger. You may live under emotional, physical and mental abuse but you accept it as your reality and gift.

Some are staying with people that are more evil and think it’s what God gave them. God doesn’t give out evil, that’s the devil’s works involved. Evil must not be accepted. Search for more information, go to social workers or any pastor you can trust, go to the police and consider fasting and prayer.

If fasting and prayer cannot change it, then you had better stop holding onto it.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.