People Promoting Hunger (PPH)

By Victor Angula |

There is nothing else as worse for a human being as hunger. Hunger is the greatest disease of all diseases on earth.

But if you look carefully you may see that people don’t really want to fight hunger. If you look carefully you might even get to see that people are promoting it.

Hunger comes from poverty, and poverty comes from unemployment.

Educational institutions come across as institutions set up to fight not just ignorance for its own sake but so as to fight hunger, poverty and unproductivity (unemployment).

But if you may look at the systems and how they operate, you will see with your very naked eyes that those who are at the top of the socio-economic pyramid are not interested in fighting hunger, poverty and unemployment – but are actually promoting the hunger, poverty and unemployment at the bottom of the pyramid.

I don’t know why they do it. I don’t know why they promote hunger in society, more so in the Namibian society. All I know is that they are good at it. They are so good at it that casual observers and educated-ignorants will not even realize what is happening.

It took me a while to have my eyes opened up to this reality.

There are those who are promoting hunger consciously, but the vast majority of them are doing it unconsciously – not being fully aware of what they are doing.

Just if you look at the Namibian society, can you see anyone standing up to promote not just food production but food consumption for all? Is there anyone fighting, really fighting hunger. I mean fighting, like you are fighting something.

Those who are in political institutions, economic institutions, religious institutions, or whatever institutions of the Namibian society, I can’t see anyone coming out to fight hunger.

There was a time when people went out to fight HIV/Aids. I saw them with my own eyes. The people went out wearing T-shirts, spending money and time on awareness campaigns, and using whatever method to promote the use of condoms, abstinence, etc.

Before long they invented a drug called ARV which suppressed HIV and “cured” Aids.

And today I can see the people who are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. They are constantly out, engaging in spirited activities, giving “Covid-19 national situation” briefings everytime, sanitising everyone and enforcing social distancing everywhere.

It didn’t take them long to invent a corona vaccine.

But when it comes to the greatest disease of all times, hunger, is there anyone at all fighting the same way?

Not at all.

Rather it’s a world of PPH – people promoting hunger.

In the photo: This picture is for illustrative purposes only and doesn’t reflect the hunger situation in Namibia.